Artist Talk: Rich Panico–Saturday June 16th FREE

Rich Panico 2

Saturday June 16, 2012
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Rich Panico is the retired founder and director of Athens Regional Medical Center’s Mind-Body Institute, but has always made art on the side since his training as a medical professional. He’ll share his drawings and paintings of figures, landscapes, and animals, as well as recent figurative work from Italy. He’ll also discuss his artistic practices and materials, and will be open to questions. One question you might ask him is “why is art like a burrito?” He has a good answer!

Rich Panico 1

While in medical school, Rich did drawings of cadavers for his anatomy studies, which is how he fell in love with art-making. He then apprenticed for 3 years as a ceramicist, making pots. He decided to pursue more formal studies in art, and enrolled for a semester at GA State, but decided not to attend after his first semester. Later he enrolled at UGA which is what brought him to Athens, where he’s made his home ever since. Again, he opted out of formal art education for a more reliable medical career, which is another of his talents! Still, he never stopped painting and drawing, despite being largely self-taught. Through the years he has developed his signature gestural style and his sensitivity to color, light, and form while working from observation. He has a fearless approach in the studio, which you’ll learn all about in this talk.

Meet him, ask your questions, and see examples of his work in person. It’s free, so bring a friend!