painters palette


The Loft is proud of our selection of professional and student grade oil paints from names like Maimeri, Gamblin, Graham, and Van Gogh. The Loft is excited to announce we now stock Williamsburg Handmade Oils. Other premium grades such as Old Holland, Winsor & Newton Artist Oil, and Holbein Artist Oils are available by special order.

Well known alkyd mediums such as Liquin and Galkyd have become increasingly popular with oil painters and we stock these in various sizes but we haven’t forgotten the traditional painter and have stand oil, linseed oil, and damar varnish for creating your own mediums.


We carry a wide range of acrylics from heavy body to fluid in brands like Golden, Liquitex, DaVinci, Amsterdam, and Grumbacher.
We offer a wide selection of  acrylic mediums as well, from digital grounds, to varnishes, to gel mediums for collage or painting. Some of our Golden mediums can be used to make interesting grounds for drawing too.


From Van Gogh, to Graham, to Holbein, to Winsor & Newton you’ll find the watercolor for your expertise and budget. We also have a good selection of watercolor pads, papers, and boards.

Gouache (Opaque Watercolor)

Winsor & Newton’s Designer’s Gouache and LeFranc & Bourgeouise Fine Gouache as well as Reeves starter sets are regularly stocked, and we are capable of providing other brands such as Holbein and Maimeri by special order.


Our selection of brushes is suitable for acrylic, watercolor, oil, decorative finishes, craft, encaustic, ink, model painting and utility. Our Princeton, Escoda, and Winsor & Newton brushes are 40% off EVERY DAY. Isabey, Raphael, and Robert Simmons brushes are available on by special order.

Painting Surfaces

We carry DIY stretcher bars, both standard and heavy duty, and raw canvas by the yard, as well as pre-stretched regular wrap and gallery wrap canvas by Frederix and Winsor & Newton. Stretched canvases and canvas boards are 40% off, or 50% off when you buy a case. We also have beautiful birch panels and pre-gessoed masonite along with a large selection of papers and grounds.  If you don’t see the size canvas you want we’ll be glad to order it. Some minimum case quantities my apply.